December 6, 2023

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Undaconstructionnn Teams Up With Queen Ladi Gangsta For ‘Winner’

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Dancehall artist Undaconstructionnn is ecstatic about his latest single, Winner (Queen Wave) featuring Double Tap artist and social media sensation Queen Ladi Gangsta aka Queenie.

“The response has been great so far, radio disc jockeys on all the major stations in Jamaica are playing the song. We are in the process of finishing up the video because of the advance buzz on social media as people are excited about seeing a different dimension of Queenie, the song is a winner,” Undaconstructionnn said.

The song was released on Sunday, May 21st on the WKDL Records and June Plum Records imprints via all digital online platforms.

Queen Ladi Gangsta is excited about the opportunity to showcase a different side of her personality with the inspirational song.

“This is a really great song, it’s a good look, a song anyone can relate to. I know I have different types of fans, church fans, decent parents and kids, so this is a song they can listen to. I know that there are people out there who are telling children ‘don’t listen to my songs’, so here is a song that they can listen to without objection,” Queen Lady Gangsta said.

She praised her fellow artiste and friend Undaconstructionnn for his cool reserved manner which helped to anchor the project.

“We’re connected,” she said, simply.

“He is a mild humble spirit, and you know me, with my loud and excited self, that’s a good combination cause his mild and reserved vibe helps to mold me into an all-purpose queen, I can be rowdy but with his help, I can do all types of songs… gospel, culture, love, I don’t want to do just slackness,” she said.

She said that she plans to do an EP for the artist’s label. An emerging artiste, Undaconstructionnn has built up a decent underground following in his own right with songs like ‘Crown’ and upcoming collaborations with Pablo YG, Bad Gyal Jade and Lavisch. He will be performing the ‘Winner’ song with Queenie during his debut set at this year’s Reggae Sumfest concert in Montego Bay, St. James.

Earlier this week, Queen Ladi Gangsta went viral on social media after she went ballistic over a recent dalliance by her husband, Dewy.

“Dewy de right ya so, me nah look pon him, him nah look pon me, him alright which part him de!” the Double Tap Queen said.

Queenie met Dewy, who is 20 years her junior, while she was visiting Jamaica in August 2020. They tied the knot on March 20, 2021 but have had a turbulent marriage marked by separations and fights which have played out on social media.

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