April 12, 2024

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NLE Choppa Breaks Down The Way He Likes His Booty Ate – Media Take Out

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NLE Choppa says he would let a girl eat his booty…but he has. a few conditions first.

“I feel like, on the real, in the bedroom, I just got one rule. And it’s, it’s just — don’t enter me. Keep the door closed, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m not gonna put my legs in the air, and I ain’t gonna bend over for her,” he explained on Zach Campbell’s Tired Ass podcast.

He continued: “But, if she find her way down there through all those restrictions, and she don’t enter the door, and she just kinda ring up on the knob, then we straight. I ain’t trippin’ on none of that. Because I know me. I know who I am.”

Fans reacted to his admission in the comments.

“So sick of this conversation & y’all normalizing licking each other where feces… faecal matter comes from. However you wanna word it. Go. TO. HELL 😭 Damn chocolate twinkie eaters 😩🤣😆😅” one fan said.

“Everybody talk too damn much. It’s your business do what you do. Take me out the group chat though lol,” another fan wrote.

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