September 24, 2023

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Meek Mill Roasts DJ Drama: I Tore Him Up In The A!! – Media Take Out

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Meek Mill hopped on Twitter to roast DJ Drama for telling TMZ earlier this year that he thought Lil Uzi Vert’s song “Just Wanna Rock” was the new Philadelphia anthem, replacing Meek’s “Dreams and Nightmares.”

In the interview, Drama also denied that Meek could be the next Jay-Z, saying instead that it would be Lil Wayne.

Meek says Drama has issues with him over a woman.

“Dj drama a goofy over these hoes lol he won’t speak good on me I tore him up in the a,” Meek tweeted. “I asked drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words too told him he’s a goofy… I also hit him when he tried to compare dreams and nightmares to I wanna rock AND DOWNPLAY ME … DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU THEY DONT REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL.”

Meek shared a screenshot of a text exchange between him and Drama, with several others in the conversation.

Drama wrote, “sh-t aint got nothin to do wit no bitches. [To] be honest i don’t even speak on ALL THE REAL SUCKA SH-T u be DOIN! [That’s] the crazy part! U just did it to me again for the TINY DESK PODCAST F-CKED MY WHOLE ROLLOUT UP AND WASNT EVEN MAN ENOUGH TO JUST TELL ME NO!!!!”

Meek replied: “Clown.”

According to Meek, Drama confirmed him for Tiny Desk without getting Meek’s approval.

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