June 25, 2024

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Blueface Mocks Chrisean Rock’s Claims Her Pregnancy Was Planned – Media Take Out

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Chrisean Rock sat down for an interview about pregnancy and her failed relationship with rapper Blueface.

She claims the baby was planned.

“At first, I was getting pregnant. Then I’d have an abortion. Then it got to a point where he was like, ‘I want a family, I want a baby, have my baby.’ So we start f-cking like crazy. I start going on my knees like, ‘Lord, can I get a baby? I’m not gonna kill this one.’ So then I got pregnant, but in the midst of me getting pregnant, we’re beefing and sh-t. I don’t know, we’re going through stuff. I’m like, ‘I already made up my mind, you made up your mind, I’m not going back on it,”” she says in the clip.

She added that she wants to be over the social media beef and that she doesn’t need anything from he.

He commented on Instagram Story, writing “”Bih prayed for dis we don’t wanna hear da sob story anymore we over that already. You got what you prayed for…You held up the prayer line just to boo hoo about it.”

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