September 30, 2023

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Phabo Announces New Album ‘Don’t Get Too Cozy,’ Shares New Song ‘Stay’

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Singer and songwriter Phabo has announced his second album, Don’t Get Too Cozy, will drop June 16 via The Orchard/Soulection.

This new LP marks the third consecutive year Phabo has released a project, following 2022’s Before I Let Her Go and his 2021 debut, Soulquarius.

Phabo also unveiled the Don’t Get Too Cozy tracklist, which will consist of 18 tracks. The promotion trail for the album started with its lead single, “Out Of Touch,” featuring Shaé Universe.

Phabo and Shaé Universe. (Photo credit: Jonathan Rabon)

The album will also include the previously shared tracks “Scorpio Moon” and “Casamigos.” The former track was first performed in an episode of COLORS last fall before it the official studio version was shared. 

“Long Overdue” and “Before I Let Her Go,” lifted from Phabo’s 2022 EP of the latter song title, will also appear on Don’t Get Too Cozy.

Additionally, “Stay,” the newly-released track, will make album two by Phabo. It features fellow R&B gent Arin Ray. It can be heard below. 

Phabo. (Photo Credit: Lafayette James Jr. )

In addition to Ray and Universe, Ambré and Kalan.FrFr will contribute to Phabo’s upcoming album that gets production aid from Troy Taylor, Eric Hudson and Louie Lastic, to name a few.

Solo music aside, Phabo has been building up his recording portfolio with cuts by Jordan Hawkins and Sofi de la Torre.

Listen to Phabo’s new song “Stay” featuring Arin Ray below.

Phabo Don’t Get Too Cozy Tracklist

1. “Intro”
2. “Line”
3. “Swing my Way”
4. “Geneva”
5. “Casamigos”
6. “Stay” feat. Arin Ray
7. “XTC”
8. “The Wind”
9. “Out Of Touch” feat. Shaé Universe
10. “Luv Songs (Unruly)”
11. “Scorpio Moon”
12. “Before I Let Her Go”
13. “Black Man”
14. “Express Yourself”
15. “NYL” feat. Ambré
16. “Long Overdue”
17. “Proud 2 Be”
18. “Your Loss” feat. Kalan.FrFr

Don’t Get Too Cozy is available for pre-add/pre-save.

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