February 21, 2024

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Young Miko, Daddy Yankee, & More – Billboard

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New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Young Miko and Jowell & Randy, “ID” (The Wave Music Group)

Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko recruits renowned reggaetón duo Jowell y Randy for her new single “ID.” Produced by Mauro and Caleb Calloway, the track is infectious reggaetón infused with smooth Jamaican reggae beats, which halfway through transitions to Jowell & Randy’s hard-hitting perreo sound. In “ID,” the newcomer and urban genre veterans not only exchange NSFW verses about admiring a girl’s behind and her sexy movements, but also deliver a new summer obsession for our playlist. — INGRID FAJARDO

LIT killah, Duki, Emilia, Tiago PZK, FMK, Rusherking, Maria Becerra & Big One, “Los Del Espacio” (Warner Music Latina)

Each one of them is a star in their own right; now, together, they intend to take you to another dimension with “Los del Espacio.” LIT Killah’s new single with Duki, Emilia, Tiago PZK, FMK, Rusherking, Maria Becerra and Big One brings together some of the most prominent artists on Argentina’s current music scene with an up-tempo reggaetón perfect for the summer (or to warm the souls in the southern hemisphere, where winter is kicking in.) “In slow motion/ You stuck with me and you didn’t realize/ That tonight I let you go’/ I know it tempts you,” says part of the chorus of the catchy song, which will undoubtedly make you dance, whether you’re at the beach or on the dancefloor. Written by the octet of friends and produced and mastered by Big One, “Los del Espacio” arrives with a cheerful music video directed by Facundo Ballve — released on June 1 to great hype at an event covered by Billboard Argentina — in which each of the stars has a chance to shine. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Daddy Yankee & Omar Courtz, “BEACHY” (El Cartel Records/Imperial)

An Instagram post is what drove Daddy Yankee to collaborate with newcomer Omar Courtz (featured in Billboard’s On The Radar Latin) on his latest single “BEACHY.” Just in time for the summer, the sultry track—produced by Yankee, Dimelo Flow, BK, and PM — fuses reggaetón with Afrobeats, backed by Yankee’s signature sugary vocals and Courtz’s raspier tones. Co-written by Yankee, Courtz, Justin Quiles, and BCA, “BEACHY” narrates the story of a girl who’s getting tanned at the beach and enjoying the sun while she’s living her best single life. The music video, filmed by Marlon P, brings the song’s breezy essence to life, showing both artists at the beach surrounded by inclusive models. “BEACHY” is part of Yankee’s upcoming LEGENDADDY Goat Edition album. — JESSICA ROIZ

Francisca Valenzuela, “¿Dónde se llora cuando se llora?” (Fantastic Records)

Where does one cry when one cries? It’s a question that Chilean singer-songwriter Francisca Valenzuela is trying to get an answer to in her new pop-ballad track “¿Dónde Se Llora Cuando Se Llora?” Penned and produced by Valenzuela and Francisco Victoria, the song puts the artist’s transformative journey at the forefront, giving the audience a sneak peek of her trek to self-discovery where she’s learned to embrace her vulnerability. “Where does one cry when one cries?/ At the bathroom in my party, in the middle of a reunion/ In the car, in the shower, drugged on an airplane,” she wonders. The raw and ultra-personal new single is the first single from her upcoming sixth studio album. — GRISELDA FLORES

Gocho, No Soy El Mismo (Lado A) (Forgiven Music)

Eight years since his last solo project, singer-songwriter and renowned producer Jose Angel Torres Castro, better known as Gocho, returns with the EP No Soy el Mismo (Lado A) (I am not the same, Side A). In the six-song urban EP, which also features pop and tropical fusions, the artist expresses himself freely about his spirituality and reflects on his life. “I definitely don’t see music the same way as before… I think we have to be aware of the impact we have when we write a song,” he states in a press statement. The album includes “Mi Mejor Cancion” (My best song), released with Farruko, a slow and very personal reggaetón collab written by Gocho and dedicated to his wife, in which he apologizes for his faults and expresses his desire to improve their relationship. “God gives me a new time, so we can build a love that, despite everything, nothing can destroy,” Farruko chants.

Gocho, who reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart with “Si Te Digo la Verdad” and co-produced reggaetón hits like “Dale Don Dale” by Don Omar, is currently on the Billboard Tropical Airplay chart with the Funky-featuring “Solución,” the first single of the album. No Soy el Mismo (Side A) also includes other team-ups, such as “Hablaré” with Alex Zurdo, “Te enseñaré” with Onell Diaz and “Soledad” with Jay Kalyl. “Each one of them gave the album that unique touch to take it to the next level,” he says of his collaborators. The EP is a good introduction to this new facet of the artist, with an implied continuation to come with the eventual Side B. — LUISA CALLE

Los Aptos x Cuco, “Miel” (Warner Music Latina/VPS Music)

Propelled by sparkly synths and a steel-string guitar, Los Aptos and Cuco conjure up a whirling love-letter ballad that harkens back to the whimsical, romantic era of The Beatles’ Rubber Soul and the gruperas of Los Yonics — equipped with hooded eyes and their heart on their sleeve. “You’re as strong as a ray of sunshine/ To my world you’re so essential/ And those beautiful honey-colored eyes/ Like chocolates on Valentine’s Day and a sunset,” sings frontman Juan Ortega against a hazy sierreño backdrop. The charming quality is that “Miel” oozes with pure idealism and sweetness. It’s a perfect laid-back summer jam for your newfound crush. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

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