September 24, 2023

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Zakwe Polls Fans On What They Want From His Upcoming Album – SA Hip Hop Mag

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Zakwe Polls Fans On What They Want From His Upcoming Album. The current climate in the South African hip-hop scene is exactly what fans have been clamouring for since the game was declared ‘dead.’ As of now, things are looking up, with OGs like Zakwe hopping on the album-dropping bandwagon.

Zakwe Polls Fans On What They Want From His Upcoming Album

The Zulu rapper took to Twitter to interact with his fans and ask them what they want to see from his upcoming body of work. “SANIBONA on this new Zakwe album, what type of music are you hoping for? mhlasimbe if ungabekisa ngengoma engiseke ngayenza, ungathi ifana nayiphi? maybe enjenge ‘Ngiyabonga’, ‘Benzani’, ‘Bathi Ngiyachoma’, ‘Roots’, ‘Izinsizwa’ njalo njalo,” tweeted Zakwe.

Zakwe has recently declared that he is taking a music hiatus after he indicated that he is not motivated enough to make music. The 35-year-old rapper thanked his fans for the support they have been showing him since.

“crazy how it’s only now, I get to understand the impact I had when I got in the game. posting a song, ubone umuntu ethi, ‘this got me going eHigh School’, abanye bathi ‘nayi ingoma eyangenza ngaqala ukurepha’. cha, kushuthi umuntu udumo akaze lumuhlanyise, which is good and bad.” Zakwe wrote in a tweet.

but all in all, ngiyabonga ngothando. we were really motivated back then, nakuba umoya wokucula wehla, ngikhuthazwa ama text wenu. i’m definitely releasing a project this, indaba angikabi motivated enough, hence kune stagnation but izoza, ngisancenga isithunywa sengoma,” he added.

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