September 28, 2023

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Roy Woods Releases New Song ‘Don’t Mind Me’

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Roy Woods is still holding on to his soul ties. On his new single “Don’t Mind Me,” the OVO Sound artist uses a groans from Mary J. Blige’s 1996 hit “Not Gon Cry” to clarify his intentions.

Woods takes back his advances from a woman who was more invested in their situation than he was. It seems that Woods was only interested in a casual encounter and assumed that she was on the same page, since her best friend was.

He sings, “What makes you think I’d rather be with you right now / You gave me nothing but reasons I should leave you out / She turnt me up then threw it back / How’d she know I like it like that / The different is you got attached / No wonder your down bad like that.”

Roy Woods. (Courtesy of Warner Records)

“It’s about reclaiming your space and your peace after a trying relationship. ‘Don’t Mind Me’ is a reflection of my journey towards self-discovery and the beauty of moving on,” Woods says of the new single.

“Don’t Mind Me” is the third song released by Woods this year. He previously shared the tracks “Young Boy Problems” and “Don’t Love Me.” He issued accompanying visuals for both of the latter tracks.

Regarding “Young Boy Problems,” Wood says, “This song speaks on the feelings of having that ‘one’ and the chase of never wanting moments to end. ‘Young Boy Problems’ can convert to young girl, or young people problems as these are ways we all feel in our 20s.” 

Each track mentioned above will appear on his upcoming album, Mixed Emotions, which is set to release this summer.

Mixed Emotions comes after his 2020 EP, Dem Times, and his 2017 debut album, Say Less.

Listen to “Don’t Mind Me” by Roy Woods below.

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