September 30, 2023

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Hip Hop star Drake is Turned ALL THE WAY OUT … Wearing Nail Polish NOW!! – Media Take Out

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There’s a new trend making its way across the world of hip hop. Media Take Out learned that Drake showed off his new look, which included the rapper wearing bright colored nail polish.

The look had plenty of the rapper’s fans scratching their heads.

In the recently surfaced images taken from what appears to be a video, Drake is seen rocking bright yellow nail paints. The God’s Plan hitmaker makes an appearance in a khaki jacket with his braids while flashing his big smile.

Drizzy’s nails are painted with the yellow nail paint. While Drake got brutally trolled for his latest fashion choices, he has not reacted to the online trolling. But he’s not alone in choosing nail polish. Rappers like Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky Kid Cudi, Lil Nas X and Machine Gun Kelly among several others have earlier rocked nail paints while stepping out in public.

Reacting to Drake’s yellow nail paint on both hands, one user quipped, “Looking like a bright ray of sunshine.” Another wrote, “This confirms Drake the type to close a fridge with his hip.”

One user stated, “A whole bearded man, the world is seriously ending,” as another mentioned, “his the biggest L of the decade damn.”

The next one tweeted, “I miss the old days when people acted like men and women. None of this fluid stuff! An individual joked, “Tupac rolling over in his damn grave…”

One user took a dig at the Grammy-winning rapper claiming, “He’s finally coming out” as another echoed similar sentiments, “That pride month special.” Another concluded, “Awww his hands are so pretty.”

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