April 12, 2024

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Londie London strikes back at haters: ‘Jealousy will kill you’. »

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  • Londie London claps back at haters.

Londie London strikes back at haters: ‘Jealousy will kill you’.

Londie London a South African musician, model, and songwriter has responded angrily to tweeps who cautioned her that SARS may show up at her door if she continues to flaunt her money.

Londie, shocked her admirers when she posted online that her lover had given her a second expensive car within the past month. Users of social media are concerned that she might be drawing the wrong type of attention due to her ostentatious display of wealth. Many people told her that security organizations like the Hawks and SARS may soon intervene.

Londie basically urged people should stop being jealous in response to these cautions. She deleted the tweet right away after receiving a lot of criticism.

Meanwhile, Londie London is having the time of her life with her new partner, who seems determined to treat her beyond belief. In less than a month, the millionaire bought the former Real Housewives of Durban star two cars.

Additionally, she recently relocated to an opulent property, which she advertised online.

Many people think that the mansion might potentially be a gift from her new partner, Mabonga, a businessman and reputed con artist.

Furthermore, Social media users are particularly dubious of Mabonga’s source of income as a result of her post, especially in light of the accusations against him for fraud.

Others have cautioned Londie to exercise caution when displaying their wealth in case security organizations like the Hawks and SIU get wind of it.

Meanwhile, a user tweeted before afterward deleted it. “This is life, Londie baby, at @TheLondieLondon. While it’s true that some people are envious, it’s also true that uNijola Namadoda should be keeping a low profile due to how they generate their money because purchasing two cars and a house months apart draws attention from security agencies. Google Hawks, SIU,”.

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