November 29, 2023

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Tlotlisang Moloi, DJ Sumbody’s girlfriend requests a portion of his wealth. »

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  • DJ Sumbody’s girlfriend, Tlotlisang Moloi, demands a share of his estate.

Tlotlisang Moloi, DJ Sumbody’s girlfriend requests a portion of his wealth.

Tlotlisang Moloi, DJ Sumbody’s 13-year-old lover, seeks a piece of his contentious business partner Kagiso Setsetse’s pie.

After DJ Sumbody’s live-in girlfriend of 13 years, Tlotlisang Moloi, demanded a piece of his firm from his business partner Kagiso Setsetse, the ownership dispute over his economic empire has continued.

According to a source for Sunday World, Moloi’s legal team wrote to Setsetse to request a portion of the estate.

The long-term partner of DJ Sumbody, Moloi is attempting to inherit a portion of his late partner’s inheritance.

According to rumors, she was unable to reach an agreement with DJ Sumbody’s mother, Violet Sefoka, regarding the artist’s estate. The muso’s estate’s executrix was chosen as Violet Sefoka.

Meanwhile, The two dated for 13 years and shared their opulent home in Centurion’s Copperleaf Golf Estate for six of those years. The artist’s family just ordered Tlotlisang Moloi out of the flat.

She apparently moved out of the house and is now residing in Tshwane. According to rumours, she was instructed to leave the house so that the family could conduct some cleaning. She was apparently denied permission to stay at the pad in light of this occurrence.

An unnamed source who spoke to Sunday World revealed that Moloi is thinking about suing the Sefokas.

Speaking to Sunday World, the source said: “They met when Oupa was unknown and didn’t have anything, we were shocked when she was told to vacate their home because the family wanted to do a cleansing since their son stayed there with her.

She intends to file a lawsuit against the Sefokas even though it has been almost six months. On the other hand, since DJ Sumbody’s passing, his mother has been in the news.

She was allegedly banned from Ayepyep a few weeks back. She allegedly told staff to turn over speed point bank card terminals in an “illegal” manner, according to Setsetse lawyers.

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