June 25, 2024

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Jelly Roll Makes Teen Fans’ Week With $1000 Tip

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Jelly Roll Makes Teen Fans’ Week With $1000 Tip

Jelly Roll knows the value of hard work, and that’s why he helped out some fans while stopping for a meal at Whataburger.

In a viral TikTok video, the “Need a Favor” country superstar is seen rolling up into the drive-thru with two friends, when he asks the teenager in the window how many people are working with him. When the young fan says there are five people total working, Jelly Roll explains that he’s going to send him $1000, and he must give each of his coworkers $200.

“My dude don’t believe me y’all, but we’re gonna hit ’em with the big ol’ bank roll,” Jelly Roll joked to the camera before a follow-up video in which the group of teenagers are seen receiving the money and promptly freaking out.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“New playground, new playmates,” the country star recently told Billboard of his life today, as he graced the cover of the Country Power Players issue. “I live in a totally different space. But I’m always conscious of keeping in touch with where I’m from. My heart is to help.” 

On fans who comment on his social media that his songs have saved their lives, he added, “Who in life can say they really helped somebody in the darkest moment of their life that was fixing to kill themselves? I look at that as something that inspires me to do more.”

See the video of the teens receiving their $1000 tip below.

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