December 6, 2023

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Mexican Artist Talks ‘Ayer y Hoy’ Album – Billboard

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Singer-songwriter and producer Edén Muñoz seeks to build a bridge between the past, present, and future of Regional Mexican music with an album where he will present notable songs from his catalog and new singles accompanied by legendary and emerging acts.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The two-part set, titled Ayer y Hoy (Yesterday and Today) (Lizos Music), does not have a release date, but Muñoz has already been giving fans a preview of his project, including his latest single “Abcdario” with Junior H, part of the Hoy album.

“The concept of ‘Ayer y Hoy’ was born from the perspective I have of music at this moment in my life, in a generational context. I feel right in the middle of the new exponents of the Mexican regional and the music legends with whom I grew up”, explains Muñoz exclusively for Billboard Español.

The track with Junior H will be followed by Ayer’s first single, featuring norteño music legend Lalo Mora, on June 16. Although the voices of “Mi recaída en los excesos” were recorded remotely, the music video was filmed by both stars in Monterrey, Mexico.

“It had been one of my great dreams and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with one of the pillars of our music. These bases are what allow us to be where we are now today,” he continues. “We must continue supporting Regional Mexican at this important moment. It’s now when the eyes of the world are on us and they must know our roots, our essence, and our musical foundations to get to where we are.”

Muñoz, 32, is considered a key player in the development and rise of the regional Mexican genre for his achievements and contributions in recent years, first as part of Caliber 50, and now as a soloist. He’s placed seven albums at No.1 on Billboard‘s Regional Mexican Albums chart, in addition to 22 number 1s on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart with songs of his own performed as a soloist and by artists such as Caliber 50, Banda MS, and La Arrolladora.

That is why young artists such as Gabito Ballesteros, Junior H, Pedro Tovar (Eslabón Armado), Fuerza Regida, El Fantasma, Los Dos Carnales, Luis R. Conríquez, and Carin León have not hesitated to be part of Hoy. With the latter, there’s great expectation for the soon-to-be-released collab called “Me Rento.”

“[Carin León and I are] very alike in many ways, even down to the physical,” he notes. “Carlos Rivera brought us together for ‘Alguien me espera en Madrid’ and the chemistry was instantaneous. We went into the studio a few days later.”

On the other hand, the great exponents that participate in Ayer with a more traditional sound are Rosendo Cantú, Eliseo Robles, and Miguel y Miguel. “I would love it, and I hope it will be achieved, that Los Tigres del Norte was part of this dream that I am making come true,” he adds.

Additionally, Muñoz is set to embark on his first solo U.S. tour called Consejos Gratis (produced by Live Nation) on August 25 at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn, New York, and wrapping on November 22 at The Pavillion in Irving, Texas.

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