November 29, 2023

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‘I was unhappy for two years at PSG’ – Lionel Messi »

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  • Lionel Messi opens up on struggles to settle at PSG as he admits he needs to focus on his family.

‘I was unhappy for two years at PSG’ – Lionel Messi

After announcing his move to Inter Miami, Lionel Messi stated he did not enjoy his two years in Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi leaves PSG as a free agent after two years, with neither the player nor the club keen to renew his contract.

Messi’s tenure with the French champions came to an end under a cloud when he was suspended internally for taking a vacation that the club had not approved. In spite of his desire to rejoin his old team Barcelona, he has recently decided to sign with MLS club Inter Miami.

In a wide-ranging interview with Spanish media outlets Mundo Deportivo and Sport, Messi said: “I had two years where I was so unhappy on a personal level that I didn’t enjoy it. I had that month that was spectacular for me because of winning the World Cup, but apart from that, it was a difficult period for me. I want to rediscover joy, enjoy my family, my children, the day-to-day… And that’s why the decision for Barcelona didn’t happen.”

Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami has already been announced, and it’s anticipated that he’ll start playing with them in July.

Despite Barcelona supporters may be lamenting the club’s financial predicament for preventing a return to Camp Nou this summer, Messi nor PSG are neither expected to continue on friendly terms following his departure for this interview. Messi claimed he “wanted” to return to Barcelona but was unable to do so.


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