September 28, 2023

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Joe Budden ROASTS Gillie Da Kid & Wallo For Sharing Hotel Room!! – Media Take Out

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Joe Budden roasted Gillie Da Kid and Wallo for sharing a hotel room during a recent video. Budden reacted to the video the longtime friends shared on social media.

“I know n-ggas keep waiting on me to kill Gillie and Wallo for sharing a hotel room. They posted it and they be in the same room,” said Joe. “Nah, they both in the bed. There’s nothing wrong. N-ggas can’t even say facts no more without it looking shady as hell.”

Fans weighed-in in the comments section:

“He’s not making it about them being weird or gay or whatever. It’s the fact that they talk all this big money sh-t but are sharing rooms, one waiting for the other to get out the bathroom 😂” one viewer wrote.

Another viewer wrote: “They’re two cousins who came to the hotel to sleep. It’s two beds. They saved money by sharing the cost of the room. Seems business minded to me.”

Is the video shady or nah?

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