June 25, 2024

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Sithelo Shozi explains how she got the “Masked Singer SA” distinction. »

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  • Sithelo Shozi reveals how she got the “Masked Singer SA” gig.

Sithelo Shozi explains how she got the “Masked Singer SA” distinction.

DJ, Singer & Influencer, Sithelo Shozi discusses how she was cast as the investigator on The Masked Singer SA episode alongside Somizi Mhlongo, J’Something, and Skhumba.

The program premiered last weekend and received a lot of favorable reviews, with Sithelo dominating the trending lists.

Speaking in a recent interview with Drum, the mother-of-3 said, “Not that I have never imagined myself in the space, but I just think I hadn’t planned or thought of it in my head for something that could happen right now. It still kind of feels like an out-of-body experience but it’s also just so phenomenal, it’s a really beautiful journey and I could never take any of this for granted.”

Sithelo claimed to have received a call from the show’s producer, Anele Mdoda, who also controls the production firm.

She was instructed to watch the UK edition of Masked Singer, but it was kept a secret from her.

When the show’s arrival in South Africa was later confirmed, Anele appointed her as one of the detectives.

The DJ initially dismissed it as unimportant but subsequently came to understand its importance and thanked Anele. Shozi said that the radio host had already disclosed the reason Mdoda chose her.

“She spoke of how a lot of people speak about opening the industry to new talent and that never really materializes. She said that she had been following me on social media for like four years and just watching how I move, what I say, what I put out, how I speak my truth, and how I’m so bold about whatever it is I’m doing. She says that’s what she wanted and that she saw herself in me when she was my age and she’d like for me to grow as much as she’s grown in the industry.”

“They have given me such peace, and they have allayed my mental anxieties. I’ve been invited to this production.

“I had so much fun that I don’t even remember shooting it,” she claims, “and that’s what I love about it because nothing is scripted”.


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