December 6, 2023

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Social Distortion Postpone 2023 N. American Tour Amid Singer Mike Ness’ Tonsil Cancer Treatment

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Social Distortion Postpone 2023 N. American Tour Amid Singer Mike Ness’ Tonsil Cancer Treatment

SoCal punk veterans Social Distortion have postponed their planned 2023 North American summer tour in the midst of singer Mike Ness’ treatment for stage-one tonsil cancer. The “I Was Wrong” band announced the news on Wednesday (June 7), revealing that the previously announced tour slated to kick off on June 30 is being pushed back to an as-yet-unannounced date to allow Ness, 61, to recover from a recent surgery to treat the ailment.


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“We think that life is going to go according to our plan, but it has a way of saying ‘I don’t think so!,’” wrote Ness in a statement announcing the postponement. “In the midst of pre-production [on the band’s now-paused eighth studio album], I was diagnosed with stage one tonsil cancer. I was feeling well enough to continue with recording in the studio up until the very day before surgery. The band and I were so inspired and excited to lay down these tracks, which by the way sound f-ing AWESOME!”

Ness said recovery from the surgery is a “day-by-day process,” with radiation scheduled to begin in three weeks, which is the last anticipated treatment. “The team of doctors are certain that once finished with this course, I will be able to start the healing and recovery process,” he said. “We expect a full recovery enabling me to live a long and productive life.”

The singer said it breaks his heart to postpone the tour dates, and the album release, but that he needs this time to heal. He thanked Social D’s loyal fans for their patience. “While it will take a little longer-I promise you that it will be delivered and it will exceed your expectations,” he promised. “I want you all to know that this has opened my eyes to a whole new struggle. I know it’s one that many of you or your loved ones have personally endured, and my heart goes out to you-because I now know what it’s like from this heavy experience… We WILL get through this…”

The tour, with support from the Bell Rays, was originally slated to kick off on June 30 in Canby, Oregon and keep the band on the road through an August 9 show in Tucson, Arizona. The untitled new album is the long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

See Ness’ post below.

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