September 30, 2023

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Killer Mike Spent $500k Of His Own Money To Make ‘Michael’ Album – Media Take Out

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Killer Mike says he spent half a million dollars of his own money on his new, upcoming album, “Michael.”

“So me and Cuz double round, like, all right, let’s just make a mixtape. We’ll put it out through Mass Appeal, that way, it’ll help get you get going over there. We start working, and Cuz was like, ‘Man, we are making some serious deadly records. I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do: your solo record. I’m about to pause my career. And we’re gonna get your solo record together,”” he said in a recent interview.

He said he told his wife his dilemma and she asked him what he was going to do. She was not happy about him spending all of that money on a music project…which is his first solo project in over 10 years.

 “She’s like, ‘Well n-gga, I’m glad you being reimbursed ’cause I got some issues that you spending half-a-million f-cking dollars on a dream project.’”

Michael next Friday and boasts features from Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, El-P, Dave Chappelle, and more.

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