September 30, 2023

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Jimmie Allen Facing Second Assault Lawsuit, Claiming He Secretly Filmed Woman During Sex

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Jimmie Allen is facing a second abuse lawsuit from a new accuser who claims the country music star sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel room and filmed the encounter without her permission.



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In a case filed Friday (June 9) in Tennessee federal court, an unnamed woman accused Allen of battery, assault and invasion of privacy, claiming the alleged incident caused her to suffer “extreme emotional distress, including anxiety and depression.”

The new case comes less than a month after Allen was hit with another lawsuit claiming he repeatedly sexually harassed and raped a woman on his management team. Allen has strongly denied the allegations from the first lawsuit, calling them “false” and vowing to “mount a vigorous defense” and “take all other legal action necessary to protect my reputation.” His attorney did not return a request for comment on the new lawsuit.

Following those initial allegations, Allen was suspended or dropped by his label, management company, agency and PR firm.

The new lawsuit was filed by the same attorney, Elizabeth A. Fegan, who filed the earlier case. In a statement to Billboard, she said the new claims demonstrated a “distinct pattern of behavior” by Allen: “Since Jane Doe filed her case last month, we’ve heard from others who share similar experiences.”

In the newer case, the accuser — named as “Jane Doe 2” in the complaint — claims she met Allen last year on a plane flight, after which she alleges his bodyguard, Charles Hurd, “followed her into the airport and told her that Allen wanted her phone number.”

The lawsuit claims that after months of calls and texts, the two agreed to meet in Las Vegas in July 2022. Though she says she “willingly joined Allen in the bedroom” in his suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Doe claims that she “told Allen she was not on birth control and repeatedly told him she did not want him to ejaculate inside her” — but that he did so anyway.

“Allen told Plaintiff he wanted to get her pregnant. Plaintiff said no,” the accuser’s lawyers wrote. “Plaintiff told Allen to pull out before he ejaculated, again repeating that she was not on birth control, and she did not want to get pregnant. He refused.”

With the singer allegedly “passed out on the bed” and Doe claiming to have felt “distressed that Allen had lied to her,” she says she became “desperate to find a separate hotel room” and to purchase a morning-after pill. The accuser says that when was gearing up to leave the room, she discovered a cell phone in a closet “focused on the bed, recording the scene.”

“She had not consented to being recorded and did not know what he intended to do with the recording,” her lawyers wrote. “Plaintiff grabbed the phone, stopped the recording, and hit delete. However, she could not further access the phone without his passcode and knew that the video would still exist in his deleted items folder.”

After she was allegedly unable to rouse Allen to fully delete the video, the accuser claims that she took his phone with her, “booked a new flight home” (she is listed in the complaint as a resident of Sacramento, Calif.) and took the phone “to her local police department.”

“There, plaintiff reported the assault and the surreptitious recording,” the accuser’s lawyers wrote. “The local police department told her they would report the incident to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.”

When reached for comment on the lawsuit’s allegations, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) confirmed to Billboard that “a report was completed,” but did not provide any additional information. A request for any public records linked to the report, submitted to the LVMPD through an online portal, was not immediately fulfilled — and the department advised that “if this is still an open investigation you will not be able to obtain any reports.”

A spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department did not immediately return a request for any police report linked to the alleged incident filed in that jurisdiction.

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