November 29, 2023

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Joe Budden Accuses Hot97 Of Paying For ‘Seat Fillers’ At Summer Jam – Media Take Out

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Podcaster Joe Budden made a shocking claim about Hot97’s Summer Jam concert…claiming they paid seat fillers to come through to give the illusion of a packed venue.

“I go to the back and they got tickets for me, and I walk up to the back, just me, glasses on, hat low, and I’m looking at the other people around. I said, ‘Holy sh-t. I’m surrounded by people that listen to the f-cking radio! Oh my God. I ain’t looked at y’all in so long.’ But it’s cool. I walk in with the radio-listening n-ggas, and we in Long Island, so this is a bunch that is happy to go to a…we ain’t seen no sh-t like this. This is a new theater here, new show in town, we are excited to just be here. You could feel the excitement,” he said.

Budden then made the allegations.

“In Jersey, n-ggas is cool. Car show n-ggas with money is out, girls is out, there’s bottles, parking lot pimpin’ type sh-t. But anyway, I get there, the girl says, ‘Are you a seat filler?’ What does that mean? I hope it’s not what I think it is…So I said, ‘No, I am not a seat filler.’ And she said, ‘Alright, who are you with?’ And I said, ‘Me.’ And then she said, ‘No, what I’m saying is what organization are you with?’ And then I said, ‘Ma’am, I don’t think you understand what I’m saying to you. I’m the organization. Please direct me to my f-cking tickets.””

Y’all believe his story?

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