February 21, 2024

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Kemar Highcon Returns With New Song ‘Grand Theft Auto’ After Florida Arrest

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Dancehall artist Kemar Highcon has made his grand return with a track called Grand Theft Auto, inspired by the felony charge he’s currently faced with in Florida following his arrest in May.

The Rvssian-produced track premiered today (June 9) and features the Up Top Boss Teejay.

“Idea really come out the situation!” Highcon told DancehallMag. “Rvssian is the master mind behind all this: ‘Turn Negativity into positivity’ and that’s exactly how it played out.”

In the video, Highcon parodies what reportedly happened last month. He’s accosted by police officers while driving a red motor car that belongs to a woman (the complainant).

The woman can be heard complaining about a lack of attention from the deejay.

The ‘Sauce Boss’ then chips in, insinuating that she reported the vehicle stolen out of spite.

Grand theft auto/ Vex vex true mi call an’ cut/ Now di red Bimma haffi park up/ Sauce Boss an’ mi eva sauce up/ Likkle one gyal get mi caught up/ Den bex true mi land di Benz Truck…”

Highcon had taken to Instagram last night to declare gratitude for what he described as his freedom status.

“Nothing nicer than freedom 🙏🏿 Respect to everyone who reach out Tomorrow 11am will address this situation,” he wrote.

There was also a bit of satire in the deejay’s resurgence.

He posted a mirror selfie sitting on the back of the woman who plays his ex in the music video, wearing just boxers and socks. The photo seemed to have been a mutual decision, as both he, and the woman bore smiles on their faces.

“How did good times turn into bad times “ #sauceisforever 🥫Any weh mi guh di gal dem love mi ! & dat Ah Facts !!!! 🥫>🐊,” he captioned the post, which attracted laughter from scores of online users.

Highcon’s new tune has caught the attention of scores of social media users already. For the most part, they are endorsing his decision to make the most of his situation.

“Lol well here’s one way to capitalize 💁🏽‍♀️” @kiba.authentic said.

@travelwithkarena added, “Sometimes yuh haffi tek bad things mek joke enuh.”

“When life gives you lemons just squeeze the hell out that bih,” @heartofgoldhibbz added.

According to Broward County police, Highcon was observed driving a red two-door 2014 BMW in the city of Margate.

“NCIC/FCIC check revealed the vehicle was reported stolen. A traffic stop was conducted at the 3300 block of W. Atlantic Blvd. where the defendant was detained without incident,” the arresting officer wrote in the report obtained by DancehallMag in May.

Adding that Highcon was the only occupant of the car, the report noted that he was read his Miranda Rights, which he waived and agreed to speak to the police.

“The defendant stated that he knew the victim/registered owner and that the victim told him she was going to report the vehicle stolen due to him not returning it. The defendant knowingly obtained the vehicle and attempted to temporarily or permanently deprive the victim of her property,” the document detailed.

Highcon was released on a $500 bond on May 8. 

He is facing up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000 if convicted of the third-degree felony.

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