June 25, 2024

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Lil Durk To Organize Chicago Prayer Circle To End Chicago Beef – Media Take Out

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Lil Durk says he wants to organize a huge prayer circle in Chicago.

“I want to hold the biggest prayer in Chicago for the Muslims that bring everybody together soon. Pride to the side then after get problems off the chest help the petty beef go away private location – The Voice,” he tweeted.

Durk has been trying to distance himself from the streets since the death of King Von.

In November, he vowed to no longer speak on the dead.

“Even if you do 99 percent of sh-t right, you still got 1 percent of the demons with you. You get angry fast, and one reply can f-ck up a billion dollars. That’s why I’m not saying names no more [in my music]. I ain’t speaking on the dead no more — none of that.”

“I’m not chasing death no more,” Lil Durk added. “I’m chasing a billion dollars. I want our kids to grow up safe and sound, to be able to have fun, to have a real life.”

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