September 30, 2023

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Nadg Shares Video For Viral TikTok Hit ‘We A Run E Grung’

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Waterhouse Badness has finally gone global. The much-awaited music video for the viral TikTok sensation, ‘We A Run E Grung,’ by dancehall artiste Nadg, debuted last Thursday.

The video showcased several popular dancers doing the snazzy dance moves that had TikTok in a virtual hammerlock for most of this year.

The track, originally released in December 2022 and produced by Seanizzle and DJ Genesis, has already taken social media by storm with the #WeARunEGrungChallenge created by Ceejay Xclusiv of Xclusiv Dancers.

The challenge saw dance videos garnering over 100 million views and nearly 10 million likes.

“It was a joy to witness the song’s reach within such a short time. The excitement of shooting the video was immense, and seeing the reactions post-launch has been even more exhilarating,” Nadg said.

Nadg has successfully exported his special brand of ‘Waterhouse badness’ worldwide.

“Growing up in Waterhouse wasn’t easy but my father did the best he could to maintain the family, he nurtured us with good principles
and values, the love was definitely there, music always been a strong influence in Waterhouse, some of Jamaica’s notable names in Reggae and Dancehall was birth there,” he said.

Waterhouse has produced some of dancehall/reggae’s most seminal and influential artists such as Junior Reid, The Wailing Souls, Black Uhuru, Beenie Man, and Hugh Mundell.

Some schools of thought believed that Nadg may have waited a smidge too late to capitalize on the TikTok buzz surrounding his song. He explained the situation, which slowed down the music video’s much-anticipated release.

“There was a legal situation that needed to be sorted, We A Run E Grung (Remix) it has two samples one from Busta Rhyme’s (Put your hands where my eyes to see) and the dash of Sly and Robbie’s (Santa Barbara Riddim) we had to clear the samples properly before we could release the video officially and now that’s in place the marketing and promotion just kick in full force,” he said.

The We A Run E Grung music video, directed and produced by Acroscopic Studios under the leadership of Rickroy Williams, has proven to be a visual spectacle complementing the energy and global influence of the viral hit.

Since the visuals were released on June 1, the video has racked up over 125,000 views.

“Definitely the impact was instantly evident We have the entire world dancing to we a run e Grung song and dance challenge Big Ups To Seanizzle and Ceejay Xclusiv, DjGenesis and Omar MCNaught who is also apart of my management it’s truly a blessing and I’m honored to be apart of such greatness,” Nadg said.

“The love and support I’ve received locally and internationally over the past six months have been incredible. I am excited to witness this momentum continue.”

The music video effectively enhances the powerful, rhythmic vibe of the track with a cinematic representation of the city’s inner streets, providing an authentic visual narrative to match Nadg’s genuine vocals.

The gritty urban setting intensifies the song’s raw edge, underscoring Nadg’s deep-rooted connection to Waterhouse while further embedding the hit in the realities and dynamism of street life.

“Ro’Gue Regal and I deliberately collaborated on this project to capture the spirit of the song. The video features popular local dancers like Pata Skeng, Snow, Sara Bendii, Energy, Expensive, and Monster Boss. Their energetic and infectious street dance styles have added an exciting dimension to the video, underlining the wealth of talent emerging from the streets of Kingston.”

The video has engaged viewers with the allure of the hit track and a visual celebration of inner-city culture, talent, and resilience. This riveting blend of music, dance, and imagery has created an experience as infectious as the track itself.

‘We A Run E Grung’ has seized the global audience’s attention, merging a classic hip-hop sample with Nadg’s remarkable lyrical prowess. While the track’s original version was the brainchild of acclaimed dancehall producer Seanizzle and London’s DJ Genesis, the remixed version sparked a sensation, encouraging listeners worldwide to participate in the dance challenge.

Having transcended its TikTok origins, ‘We A Run E Grung’ has received substantial airplay across radio stations in the USA, most notably from Ebro at Hot 97, extending to Canada, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Jamaican radio and dancehalls.

In the UK, the track has earned robust support from influential tastemakers such as Ras Kwame and Shayna Marie (Capital Xtra), Davda (Kiss Fresh), Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM UK), as well as Seani B and Nadia Jae (BBC Radio 1Xtra).

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