February 21, 2024

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Gunna, Young Thug, & Lil Baby Added To Prosecution’s YFN RICO Trial Witness List  – Media Take Out

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This week, the District Attorney reportedly offered a plea deal to YFN Lucci for 20 years. He would serve only 17. A witness list from the prosecution was also released…and Gunna, Lil Baby and Young Thug’s names were on it.

While this witness list has been doing the rounds on the internet, fans are speculating whether the rappers will actually take the stand.

YFN Lucci quickly declined the idea of being a witness after almost being fatally stabbed in jail.

“Any party can announce for example that Abraham Lincoln is on their witness list, but those words alone are meaningless,” attorney Drew Fielding shared of his client’s decision. “So, to be 100 percent clear, Rayshawn Bennett (YFN Lucci) will not be a witness in the YSL case.”

In March, paperwork surfaced of Lucci being served with a subpoena while in jail calling on him to testify. On the document, it clearly states that the rapper “refused to sign.”

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