June 25, 2024

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DJ Drama Allegedly Jumped For Not ‘Checking In’ In Toronto – Media Take Out

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DJ Drama was allegedly attacked and robbed in Toronto for failing to check in.

On social media, a trio of thugs posted themselves and made several claims, all while allegedly rocking Drama’s diamond encrusted Generation Now chain.

“This is… that’s what you f-ckin’ get for not checkin’ in!” one of the men says, flashing a Rolex. “Shout out boy, Drizzy, eh? Triple G’s, you know how we rock! Braap! Braap!”

DJ Drama was scheduled to at the Century nightclub on King Street in Toronto. According to sources, the incident occurred inside of the club.

“A man messaged the betting group last night saying “Biiiiiiig fight at my club tonight lol. Man’s jumped dj drama and this guy is still GUSHING blood like 20mins later” and then another man called me saying he witnessed it live,” a social media supporter wrote.

DJ Drama has not confirmed the incident went down.

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