February 21, 2024

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Gunplay’s Wife SUING DJ Envy – Media Take Out

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Gunplay’s wife says she is suing DJ Envy after the drama surrounding the GoFundMe page for their daughter’s medical costs.

Vonshae Taylor-Morales appeared on the We In Miami podcast where she was asked if she would be taking legal action and she confirmed that she was.

“I’m seeing a therapist about all this. It took me to a very traumatic space. No one’s expecting to give birth to a daughter with a heart defect that rare and having open heart surgery,” she explained.

Vonshae added: “You need to learn your lesson. You can’t just go onto this type of platform with your voice and your followers and say anything that you want. People come at you and not realize like what you’re going through at that time.”

Vonshae previously shared a copy of a cease and desist letter sent to The Breakfast Club co-host.

“Now RaaShuan Casey @djenvy ……I told you I’ll go to war about my family. It’s one thing to get on this platform and drag my family in some unwarranted bullshit for giggles THEN turn around and fake wanna be victim. You had an entire week to get your sh*t together. There is nothing in this world I hate more than someone who throws the rock and hide their hand,” part of the caption reads.

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