September 30, 2023

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How BTS and Fans Are Celebrating the Group’s 10th Anniversary

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K-pop supergroup BTS is officially 10 years old, and the members and fans alike are celebrating the milestone anniversary in big ways.

For one, the group released a brand-new single on June 9 as a gift to fans in honor of their 10th year as bandmates.

“Take Two” features all seven members, even Jin and J-Hope, who are currently completing their mandatory military service. The song was meant as a gift to BTS fans, known as ARMY, and is a nod to their “second chapter,” according to HYBE.

In addition, a special episode of Suga‘s Suchwita talk show dropped on June 10 featuring Jin and J-Hope and was specifically requested to be released in June by Jin as an anniversary gift for fans while he is away.

On Monday, June 12, around midnight in South Korea, members RM and Jimin also posted lengthy letters to Weverse to celebrate the anniversary, as well as Instagram posts marking the occasion.

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“Sometimes (we’ll do this) together, sometimes far apart, and sometimes close together. I sincerely hope that I’ll have you and that you, too, will have me by your side. To my members, staff, family, and friends! And ARMYs! You’ve worked really hard. Let’s live well through ten more years in the future, too,” RM wrote in his letter, according to a fan translation on Twitter.

“You [ARMYs], who make me feel all these things, should also feel full of happiness and be loved. You should. Got it?” Jimin added in his own letter after reminiscing on the group’s journey.

Fans also celebrated the day by sharing artwork.

And some fans came together to create their very own song for BTS called “Love Letters,” with all proceeds going to charity, according to an ARMY on Twitter.

Most spectacularly, the city of Seoul, South Korea, lit up in purple for the group’s anniversary.

According to ABC News, City Hall, the 123-story Lotte World Tower, several Han River bridges, and the DDP dome were lit up in BTS’ signature purple in honor of the seven members and ARMY.

Plus, a special postage stamp was even created to commemorate the celebrations, as well as designated spots around the city marking places where BTS has performed and shot music videos.

To put a cherry on top of the festivities, BTS’ annual FESTA festival, which celebrates their anniversary, is set to take place on June 17 at Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul, South Korea, and will include fireworks, special exhibitions, a 10th Festa monument, a temporary tattoo booth, and a live radio show with RM that will be broadcasted online, per PopSugar.

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