November 29, 2023

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 Toosii Responds To ‘Fruity’ Cowboy Outfit Claims – Media Take Out

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New York rapper Toosii has responded to speculation about his sexuality after rocking a cowboy outfit his followers believed was a little “fruity.”

“Everything a n-gga do in this generation be fruity to y’all. Y’all see a n-gga in person and be ready to suck a n-gga’s dick, though. F-ck is you talkin’ ’bout? Stop playing with me while my son’s in my hand, bitch,” he said in the clip.

The rapper wore the cowboy hat and vest for his son’s birthday…his son was wearing a matching outfit.

“It’s weird asf when you always talking about someone else’s sexuality, mind the business that pays you smh,” a supporter wrote in the comments section.

“This generation obsessed with someone else’s sexuality and it’s mind boggling” another typed.

A third commenter wrote, “He ain’t lying meanwhile women dedicate their whole lives around trying to get approval from other women !!Men say 24/7 we don’t like all that make up ..we really don’t care about surgery sh-t we prefer natural ..we hate wigs hairs and etc and y’all do that sh-t and wonder why men fucc around …but women do it just for attention from other women on social media and sh-t …but bruh put on a cowboy hat and he sus like come on now smdh”

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