June 25, 2024

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Fat Joe Praises Rick Ross’ Car Show: I’m Countin’ His Money!! – Media Take Out

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Fat Joe gave Rick Ross props for his recent car show, something Rozay put on with his own money and on his own land.

“Rozay throws this car show and concert in his house. He found a way for the house to pay for itself. So he throws this concert every year that look like a million people,” he said. “I’m so proud of him because he found a way to get rid of the middle man, throw an event at his own house that makes — to me, it looked like millions and millions of dollars.”

Fat Joe also praised Rozay’s land.

“I’m lookin’ at Rozay pull this off successful,” he said. “He got Guwap on there, he got Meek Mill…the whole world is there but all I’m really lookin’ at is the money. I’m countin’ his money. What does that mean to a guy like me, who’s into making money, who’s into getting the bag … What it means to me is he created something out of nothing that in his own house — he don’t gotta go nowhere — he makes millions of dollars once a year in his house.”

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