June 25, 2024

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Father Of YNW Melly’s Alleged Victim Tells Boosie To ‘Go Home’ – Media Take Out

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Boosie Badazz is in Florida supporting YNW Melly through his double murder trial, but the father of one of the alleged murder victims, YNW Juvy, wants the rapper to return home.

“Man, everybody that’s saying free Melly,. That’s to you and your mama and your daddy and everybody that look like you. And that’s me, I said it. Y’all are bitches, man. Boosie down there supporting Melly — he flaw as f-ck for that. He don’t even know that n-gga Melly. He talking ’bout, ‘I want Melly free ’cause that n-gga bought me snacks and a magazine at the airport.’ What?” he ranted on social media.

He continued: “Man, go to Marlo Mike’s trial, n-gga. F-ck you at this n-gga trial? Marlo Mike in that bitch fighting for his life, n-gga. You got that man staying up the road doing all that God damn time, but you in there for Melly. And got them n-ggas in Louisiana, Baton Rouge, fighting for their life. N-gga, you got your priorities f-cked up, n-gga. Go back to your hometown, scary ass n-gga. Sh-t.”

Is Boosie wrong for supporting Melly?

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