April 12, 2024

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Gunplay Fans Demand GoFundMe Refund…He Responds!! – Media Take Out

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During a recent appearance on the We In Miami podcast, rapper Gunplay responded to fans who have donated to his GoFundMe and now want their money back.

The backlash came after he posted a video of him gifting Rick Ross a diamond chain.

“To every single one of you p-ssy-ass h-es and f-ck n-ggas that went to GoFundMe and donated and went get a muthaf-ckin refund, you never gave it with your heart. You a piece of sh-t. You’ll die that way. People that see me give my brother a gift, they automatically want to say I bought that with GoFundMe money. N-gga had to pay that back. So, now, if you really want to be for real, if a n-gga spent that on a chain, how the f-ck they got it right back instantly, with no pressure? You want your sh-t back? Here, take it. So all you f-ck n-ggas and p-ssy-ass h-es out there, f-ck you. You never gave it from your heart. You gon’ die a piece of sh-t.”

The rapper then wrote in the caption of his Instagram post: “For all you p-ssy ass bitches and n-ggas dat donated to my daughters gofundme and gotta refund u never gave it from the heart F-cK ALL YOU PIECES OF SH-T!!!”

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