November 29, 2023

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Skip Bayless Reveals Lil Wayne Tried To Help Ja Morant – Media Take Out

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Skip Bayless says that rapper Lil Wayne reached out to him for Ja Morant’s contact information.

“[Lil Wayne] texted me. He said, ‘Hey, can you connect me with Ja because I could help him? I’ve been there, I’ve done all this. I wound up in prison, Riker’s Island. I know what happens, I know where you can go wrong and I know what’s right.’ I reached out to Ja. ‘Would you sit with Lil Wayne? Would you talk with Lil Wayne?”” he said on The Skip Bayless Show.

Morant is currently sitting out his second suspension from the NBA for flashing a weapon on social media.

Skip continued: “Wayne would fly to him. He’d fly to Memphis in a heartbeat tonight. Wayne would private-plane it and go right to Memphis if he thought he could save a career and a soul. I got nothing back from Ja. Didn’t expect anything back. In the end, I just hope Ja and Antonio don’t turn out to be one of those people you just can’t reach, you just can’t fix, you just can’t save.”

Weezy has not public confirmed Bayless’ claims.

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