September 24, 2023

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As Lil Wayne’s daughter joins the “Unavailable” Challenge, Davido reacts. »

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  • Davido Reacts As Lil Wayne’s Daughter Joins The ‘Unavailable’ Challenge.

As Lil Wayne’s daughter joins in the “Unavailable” Challenge, Davido reacts.

Reginae Carter, the daughter of well-known American rapper Lil Wayne, has joined the “Unavailable” challenge, Meanwhile, Davido has reacted.

The ‘Unavailable’ viral challenge, which has attracted the likes of Chris Brown and some of the biggest names in the music business, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Reginae Carter, the daughter of Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne, has now joined the long list of stars who simply can’t get enough of the hit song from Davido’s fourth studio album, ‘Timeless.’

Since the release of his fourth studio album in March 2023, the 30BG president, whose record was rated one of the finest albums of 2023 thus far by Rolling Stone, has been highly active in promoting it on social media and through media tours.

Davido responded on social media to Reginae’s video of herself dancing to the song, which he reshared with the caption: “I’m so glad Reginae shared that video.”

Meanwhile, it was shared in another news that Davido, has expressed his deep disappointment in himself over a previous quarrel with his wife, Chioma.

When he thought back on the episode, he admitted that it was a time when he felt let down by his own behaviour and thought he could have handled the circumstance better.

During a recent episode of the ABTalks podcast, Davido made the decision to express these feelings. He was able to reflect on personal experiences and provide his listeners with insightful commentary as a result of the open discussion.

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