December 6, 2023

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Meek Mill DEFENDS YK Osiris: He’s A Good Kid!! – Media Take Out

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Meek Mill hopped on Twitter to defend YK Osiris after fans called for him to be canceled after he reportedly sexually assaulted Sukihana.

“Don’t do this to him please he a good kid …. Just slap him and he gotta let you something … we don’t need our young bulls tore down for mistakes in this hyper sexual era…. I support suki … hold that sh-t down on some street sh-t,” he tweeted.

Meek continued, “Y’all drawing a big line between men and women nowadays on social ….. it’s getting bad in the black community! All this internet superficial shaming, judging gaslighting only hurt us people and it’s alot of people who need strength especially young black men.”

Fans were confused as to what Meek Mill meant when he referred to “street sh-t,” but Meek was immediately dragged for defending the rapper.

He added: “He might gotta rumble suki brother anything but this same internet tear each other down stuff! Suki can do what she wants she feels violated… but let me mind my business. And protect suki! Osiris you a [dickhead]! Go back to church stop following the heathens!”

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