February 21, 2024

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YK Osiris APOLOGIZES For Forcing Kiss On Sukihana: I Misread The Moment!! – Media Take Out

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YK Osiris offered a public apology to Sukihana after being accused of sexually assaulting rapper Sukihana.

“I want to publicly offer my sincerest apology to Sukihana. In an attempt to be playful, I misread the moment and violated Sukihana’s boundaries. I understand the importance of consent and I am embarrassed by my behavior.”

He continues: “I take full responsibility and have made multiple attempts to apologize. I have the utmost admiration for Sukihana and it was never my intention to disrespect her.”

YK Osiris forced kisses of Sukihana as Lil Duval, Funny Marco and Buster Scher looked on…and did nothing.

Sukihana deactivated her Twitter account after claiming that she was “scared” to stand up for herself.

“I am hurt and scared to stand up for myself,” she wrote. “I drink to hide that I’m very sensitive. I feel things more then [sic] the average person. I stopped drinking yesterday but today I’ve been crying all day. I asked God to strengthen me and use me to help others and to order my steps in his word. I just want to go away for awhile.”

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