February 21, 2024

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Asiahn Can ‘Do Bad’ By Herself on New Song

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Asiahn bubbles back to the New Music Friday surface with “Do Bad,” her first song release in nearly two years. It was produced by Supah Mario, who has worked with artists such as Tink and Josh Levi.

“Do Bad” is an anthem of self-reliance, reminding those who have had people come and go in their lives that they always have themselves to rely on in the end. Perhaps what stands out most about this booming, slow-burning track is Asiahn’s sugar-coated vocals.

Discussing “Do Bad,” Asiahn says, it’s “a record that I wrote while some major foolery was happening in my life. I was being lied to in a relationship which always sucks when a person is portraying themselves to be honest and caring. I was feeling underwhelmed by what was going on with my previous label.”

She added, “Because I took the time to work on myself during The Interlude EP era, certain friendships were no longer aligning with who I was becoming. So I found myself in a space where I had to really sit down and think about how I was thriving both before the relationship and label move. It was imperative that I walk away from all of it for my own well-being.”

As mentioned above, “Do Bad” is Asiahn’s first proper song since releasing  “We Can” in October 2021. Following its digital drop, Asiahn visited the COLORS offices to perform a new song titled “When It Comes to You.” It’s uncertain when that song will be released as a studio version. 

Sincethe80s/Motown Records

Asiahn’s latest project, The Interlude, was released in 2021. The five-track project includes a feature from Grandmaster Vic and the singles “Gucci Frames” and “Get Away.” 

Amid Asiahn’s music drought, she’s kept busy by being the voice behind Karma Grant, the main character in Netflix’s animated series Karma’s World.

Rapper Ludacris created the show and the theme song is sung by Asiahn.

Listen to Asiahn’s new song “Do Bad” below. 

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