June 16, 2024

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Boza, Gloria Trevi, and More Releases – Billboard

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New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Boza, Sin Sol (Sony Music Latin)

For his third studio album, Sin Sol (Without Sun), Boza traveled across Europe seeking inspiration for his new lyrics and sound — such as beach getaways in Spain and late-night walks in Italy. The set kicks off with “Talismán,” a smooth hip-hop track about a failed “perfect” relationship that highlights his infectious vocal range; followed by “Sin Waze,” a sensual Afrobeats cut about euphoric love; and transitioning to “Pa’ Que Tú Me Vea,” an EDM jam that narrates the story of a man who’s convincing a girl to leave her toxic relationship.

Though he’s still rooted in the reggae plena sound that made him a household name, the Panamanian singer gets experimental on his new 13-track set. In the Dalex-assisted “Volar,” produced by Sky Rompiendo, he dips his toes in a sugary electronica melody; in “Rompeolas – Acústica,” he passionately sings over weeping guitar riffs, and in “Te Conozco” he drops a hard-hitting dancehall groove. Reggaetón also makes a strong presence in Sin Sol, as heard in tracks like “Qué Prefieres?” with Beéle and “Booty Puty.” The set wraps with “Ocean,” where he reels in Mexican pop star Kenia Os for a sultry Afrobeats-meets-electronic song about having undeniable chemistry. — JESSICA ROIZ

David Bisbal, “Ay, Ay, Ay” (Universal Music Spain)

“Ay, ay, ay” is unexpected bachata with a touch of flamenco, and more unpredictable elements. The passionate theme begins with some bohemian guitar chords, followed by a beat of castanets merging with the surprising appearance of electric guitar, as well as percussion, güira, and bongos. Although delving into in a non-traditional genre for him, the Spaniard maintains his signature energetic and soulful vocal performance throughout the song. “Ay, ay, ay, I go to bed without your mouth/ And I think ay, ay, ay/ There is no kiss like what you give me/ And I can’t take it anymore if you’re not here/ If you’re not here, if you’re not here,” he sings in the chorus. The video shows Bisbal walking through various streets of Los Angeles and a group of people dancing to the romantic bachata. — LUISA CALLE

Gloria Trevi, “Medusa” (Great Talent Records)

“Enchanted and powerful/ I dance among the rocks and so I set them spinning/ Enchanted and mysterious/ Brave and proud and so I set them to spinning,” wails Gloria Trevi in this song’s chorus, before producers Dabruk, Manu Chalud and Alcover unleash a techno dance frenzy. The energetic single sees the Mexican star owning her radical artistic approach, embodying a mythical figure and singing of rattlesnakes and venom.

“Medusa” is Trevi’s first independent release from her label Great Talent Records, which Billboard Español exclusively announced on Thursday. “This new stage is very exciting for me,” Trevi said in a statement to Billboard Español. “With our label, I will be able to have more investment, open new markets and work with dream collaborations. I love being the head of my own label now.” — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Kurt, “Diosa” (Universal Music Mexico)

Mexican pop singer-songwriter Kurt delivers a tropical single perfect for dancing this summer, combining tropical rhythms with electronic elements and Brazilian funk. With optimistic and playful lyrics like “I don’t have any style, but I go very well with you/ I’m not the best at dancing, but your kisses make me rich,” “Diosa” talks about forgetting your sorrows with that special girl who makes your life more beautiful. The music video, directed by Henry Cuicas, combines colorful scenes of the beach and the city, highlighting women of different races, ages and styles in a sweet kind of homage. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Caloncho, “Superdeli” (Universal Music Mexico)

When Caloncho opens up his new single with “I want to be a good memory for you/ Abeautiful place in your brain,” the lyrics take on a sweet and significant value. In “Superdeli” (slang for something very tasty), the Sonora-born singer-songwriter deepens his signature indie-pop sounds within the tropical realm, combining retro piano melodies with subtle hints of bachata. Penned by Caloncho, Kurt, and Pepe Portilla, the lyrics are just another beautiful reminder to live in the present and always welcome your feelings with an open heart, as he sings: “Brindo por ahorita, al ritmo que mi cora’ palpita” (Cheers to right now, to the rhythm that my heart beats.) — INGRID FAJARDO.

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