September 24, 2023

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DaBrat Hospitalized For High Risk Pregnancy … Put On Bedrest … But Releases TikTok DANCE Video! – Media Take Out

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Rapper Da Brat and her wife Judy are currently in the hospital – on doctors orders. Da Brat, who is pregnant, is due in a little over a month – but doctors fear that because of her age and where the baby is located – she may give birth any day.

Da Brat Loves Judy

So in order to keep the baby in as long as possible, doctors have admitted Da Brat into an Atlanta hospital, and placed her on bed rest. Typically pregnancy care provider recommends bed rest, it means they’re concerned about a health condition that could cause pregnancy complications or premature labor. Healthcare providers sometimes prescribe bed rest during pregnancy to increase the chances of your pregnancy being carried to term. 

Hospitalized bed rest, which Da Brat is undergoing, involves staying in bed most of the day. In some cases, you may use a bedpan (to pee) and not leave your bed.

But Da Brat isn’t just laying in bed. Yesterday she and Judy posted a video where Brat was dancing around the hospital room and dancing. Look:

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