September 24, 2023

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Murdah Bongz gets abused for putting on a shirt donning AKA’s image. »

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  • Murdah Bongz receives trolled for wearing a shirt with AKA’s face on it.

Murdah Bongz gets abused for putting on a shirt bearing AKA’s image.

Murdah Bongz faces criticism for wearing a shirt that is bearing AKA’s image. A few days ago, the late rappers Kiernan AKA Forbes and Costa Titch were honoured with clothing by the fashion label Cultish.

The event was attended by a star-studded crowd, as well as the relatives of the dead meanwhile, the late rapper’s baby mama, DJ Zinhle, attended the launch together with her husband, Murdah.

Some of the pictures of Bongz wearing the shirt that was introduced at the occasion were posted on social media.

Some Twitter trolls, however, criticized the former Black Motion member for donning the shirt.

“I would Never wear a T-shirt with my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend’s face on it. You can call me immature,” a tweep wrote.

“They can pretend to us, there’s nothing about maturity here.. This man needs to be freed, I’m sure he’s been called Kieran during coitus before & chose to suffer in silence. We need to free this man,” another wrote.

Though, Other Twitter users criticized the two abusers.

Furthermore, At a joint performance over the weekend, DJ Zinhle and her bae Bongani Mohosana aka Murdah Bongz couldn’t take their hands off one another.

With his wife, DJ Zinh, Bongani Mohosana, popularly known as Murdah Bongz, returned to the stage after a video of him sobbing during a performance went viral. And this time, he was beaming with joy.

The parents of the infant Asante, the pair displayed their love and affection for one another while performing over the weekend.

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