December 6, 2023

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Nicky Jam, Camilo & More Share Father’s Day Traditions – Billboard

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Father’s Day is around the corner and like most dads out there, Latin artists such as Nicky Jam, Camilo, Santa Fe Klan and Anuel AA have favorite traditions for the special day. And unforgettable memories from past years.

Whether it’s eating an extra-sugary cake on Father’s Day, eating delicious meals drinking good wine, or simply spending time with their loved ones, the artists featured in this roundup share what makes their Father’s Day special and unique.

Below, a handful of Latin acts share with Billboard their favorite Father’s Day traditions or memories from the special day, in their own words.


It’s a day that excites me a lot because among the things that I am, I am most proud of being a dad, it truly fills me with pride. Being at home, being with my family, being with my dad, who I have the privilege of having with me. Celebrate him and all the parents I’m close to — I like to celebrate all those friends who share parenthood with me. Being with my daughter, and getting in the pool with her, are my favorite things. This is my second Father’s Day and on the first, Indigo was very small — but now that she’s a more interactive being, there is a lot to do.

Luis Fonsi

I celebrate Father’s Day with my dad, and with all my family. It always involves delicious food, good wine, and thousands of hugs and kisses from my children, who are what I love most in the world. There is no better gift than that.

Nicky Jam

On Father’s Day, my favorite tradition is to teach my children the importance of dreaming big. I teach them that the most powerful dreams are those that challenge us and fill us with fear because it is those dreams that drive us to improve ourselves. So, on this special day, let’s celebrate the love and courage to pursue our boldest dreams. Because, as I once said, “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s because it’s not big enough.” Happy Father’s Day, where dreams meet courage and unconditional love.

Mike Bahía

The fact of being a father has been the most beautiful opportunity to learn again, to feel vulnerable again, to feel a love that I had never experienced but also a fear that I had never experienced. But above all, to know that I have the possibility to continue learning, to continue getting to know myself. I feel that being a father today makes me better, or makes me aware to be better from the roots. And at least I have an infinite desire, an atomic energy, to get up in the morning to change a diaper — when before the simple fact of getting up and doing an activity earlier was difficult, but not today.

Today, I wake up with swollen eyes from sleep to go change a diaper, to go hug him, but with a smile on my face to see his happy face. It is reconnecting with innocence, it is reconnecting with so many beautiful things that life gets us used to, they become landscapes. It is to learn again, to enjoy the simple things again.

Anuel AA

On Father’s Day, my favorite tradition is to remind myself and everyone around me that family is the most important and most real thing in life. In a world full of distractions and chaos, I know that the most real and powerful thing that we have is the blood that runs through our veins. Therefore, my greatest joy is being able to look my son and my two daughters in the eye and feel how proud I am of them. In those moments of deep connection, I know that I am building a legacy of love and respect.

El Alfa

On Father’s Day, my favorite tradition is to embrace those simple moments as a family. Sitting together, talking, laughing, and taking the time to listen to each other, that’s the most valuable thing. In the midst of a life full of movement and tumult like mine, I’ve learned to appreciate the simple and genuine things. Because at the end of the day, it’s those everyday moments that nourish our souls and remind us of what really matters.

Santa Fe Klan

On this Father’s Day, I’d like to honor my father and grandfather so that my son can see the chain of gratitude, and that we honor the line of men.

Mauro Castillo

What I do on Father’s Day is serenade my dad. I call him on the phone and serenade him if I’m far away — but if I’m not far, I go and hug him and sing to him in person. I also [keep things modern by sending a Father’s Day song to the parents in the family group chat Also in the family, but adding to modernity than in the family group, I always put a little song for the parents. Well, my children make me an orange cake that I love, but it has a lot of sugar — and Tatiana, my wife, doesn’t let me eat it very often. That’s why on Father’s Day there is orange cake!

Alex Cuba

This year for Father’s Day, I have the good fortune to have my father Valentín Puentes with me in Canada — he is almost 80 and still playing and enjoying music. I have taken the opportunity to record him and document some of his work, and it feels like a true blessing to be able to do it. I’m looking forward to cheering him up, preparing his favorite meal — and listening with my kids, in the glow of three generations, [to] the tunes we’ve already recorded and that are making him feel very happy and special. 

Yeison Jiménez

Father’s Day is very, very special — because I spend time with my two loved ones who are my daughters. And if you ask me, I prefer the plan to be very, very chill. I prefer it to be an at-home plan, cooking with the family, watching a movie, and perhaps having a good dinner at night.  I think that would be a good plan for Father’s Day.

Santiago Cruz

Let’s say that there is no specific tradition, but it has happened since my children entered school, that they have given me gifts made by them, and that always ends up being very significant. In fact, a portrait of me that my son did when he was little, I tattooed it on the left side of my chest. So those handmade gifts end up being tremendously meaningful. Obviously breakfast in bed and [being pampered] all day.

Nio García

On Father’s Day, my favorite tradition is to honor the strongest and most important lesson life taught me last year: That being there is a true blessing, no matter what the odds are. I’ve learned that the only thing that really matters is the time we dedicate to our children and our family. Fame, money and material possessions are short-lived, but the memories we create together are forever. I want to make being present a constant tradition in my life because I know it is the only one that really counts.

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