December 4, 2023

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Olivia Rodrigo Hints at Lana Del Rey Collab, New Music From ATEEZ, Doja Cat & More | Billboard News

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Olivia Rodrigo Hints at Lana Del Rey Collab, New Music From ATEEZ, Doja Cat & More | Billboard News

It’s Friday, June 16th, and we’ve got a ton of new music! ATEEZ’s new EP is here, Doja Cat is back, Leigh-Anne makes her solo debut and more! Olivia Rodrigo is officially moving into her next era, but will Lana Del Rey be coming with her? ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 15 winner Sasha Colby talks about her start in drag, defies drag misconceptions, and more for our Billboard Pride Cover with Maren Morris. And more!

Tetris Kelly:
New Music from Doja Cat and more. We take you to Janet Jackson. Are Olivia and Lana collabing? We hang with Sasha Colby and learn more about Nate Smith. Welcome back to Billboard News. It’s Friday, June 16th. And I’m back after a birthday bender. We got a lot of new music to get through so let’s jump into our Friday music guide. Everyone’s been wondering what Doja Cat’s new sound would be and she’s back with ‘Attention.’

Tetris Kelly:
Not only does Doja croon on the track, she brings the rap game per usual. We’ll have more from our Friday music guide throughout the show. But for now, our top story Olivia Rodrigo posted a somewhat cryptic message on IG and now fans think she’s got a collab with Lana Del Rey on the way.

Tetris Kelly:
Olivia Rodrigo got fans in a frenzy with her latest IG post. The pop star posted a seemingly innocent mirror selfie posing next to a bright-red lipstick kiss print on the glass in front of her captioning the post “Bang bang kiss kiss,” lyrics from Lana Del Rey’s ‘Venice B*tch.’ Now fans are convinced Olivia and Lana have a collab together. It could be because the two are fans of each other. Or it could be because this is the first post from Olivia after announcing her new single ‘Vampire’ drops June 30th, the first release since her blockbuster debut ‘Sour’ in 2021. Only time will tell, but we love the idea of these two together on a project. Leigh-Anne of Little Mix has made her solo debut with ‘Don’t Say Love’. The mom of two even celebrated the release of her first song with her Little Mix bandmate Jade.

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