September 24, 2023

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Thuli Phongolo explains why she erased all of her Instagram postings. »

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  • The reason why Thuli Phongolo erased all of her Instagram postings is disclosed.

Thuli Phongolo explains why she erased all of her Instagram postings.

Thuli Phongolo, a South African actress turned DJ, recently opened out about why she decided to erase all of her Instagram posts on her Instagram Stories.

The former Generations: The Legacy actress was dressed to the nines and waited for the perfect opportunity to hit the club in her best attire. She told her viewers that she had a set scheduled for roughly 2:00 and decided to check in with her internet followers and supporters while she waited.

After Phongolo claimed that her lover DJ Maphorisa, the actual name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, had physically abused her in one of their Sandton residences, Phongolo became a recent internet sensation and she was reported by City Press as stating in a statement,

“He held me and took me to the balcony, and grabbed me aggressively by my neck.” 

People saw that she had tidied up her Instagram page shortly after the news broke. Fans and her online followers could only conclude that the recent headline-grabbing events were what led to her deleting her posts.

However, Phongolo recently put an end to all the rumours surrounding the situation and revealed that she and her team were renaming her company.

She added that she thought her brand was stalled at its potential and that it was not truly developing in the way she would have liked. She said that many of the images on her page were more “pretty girl” lifestyle photos rather than representations of the job she was doing.

Phongolo said that she and her team stripped her feed and started over so that her brand would accurately represent where she was and where she was going.

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