June 25, 2024

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Vote For Your Favorite New Latin Music Release – Billboard

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This week, our New Music Latin roundup — a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard‘s Latin and Billboard Español editors — is powered by new music from Gloria Trevi, David Bisbal, Boza and many more.

Though he’s still rooted in the reggae plena sound that made him a household name, Panamanian singer Boza gets experimental on his new 13-track set Sin Sol, including collaborations with Dalex, Beéle and Kenia Os. The album is home to smooth hip-hop beats, as heard in the opening track “Talismán,” sensual Afrobeats as heard in “Sin Waze,” and hard-hitting reggaeton as heard in “Booty Puty,” to name a few.

David Bisbal is also experimental on his new single dubbed “Ay, Ay, Ay,” where he dropped an unexpected bachata with a touch of flamenco, and more unpredictable elements all while maintaining his signature energetic and soulful vocal performance throughout the song. 

Gloria Trevi does not stay behind either with “Medusa,” a techno dance track where she’s heard owning her radical artistic approach, embodying a mythical figure and singing of rattlesnakes and venom. “This new stage is very exciting for me,” Trevi said in a statement to Billboard Español. “With our label, I will be able to have more investment, open new markets, and work with dream collaborations. I love being the head of my own label now.”

Additionally, Don Omar, Grupo Firme, Caloncho, and more artists release new music this week.

Last week, Dominican newcomers Letón Pé and Calacote and their single “Tengo Miedo” won the poll with over 62 percent of the votes. What’s your favorite new Latin music release this week? Vote below!

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