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Iyanya responds to a fan’s mockery of him following Yvonne Nelson’s confession. »

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  • Iyanya reacts as a fan ridicules him over Yvonne Nelson’s revelation.

Iyanya responds to a fan’s mockery of him following Yvonne Nelson’s confession.

In response to rumours that his ex-girlfriend Yvonne Nelson was pregnant with Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, Nigerian artist Iyanya Mbuk, also known by his stage as Iyanya, has responded.

The actress admitted in her biography that Sarkodie was responsible for her becoming pregnant in 2010, but he would not accept responsibility.

According to Yvonne, their relationship did not endure very long, and after he rejected the child, she was forced to get an abortion.

Nelson described how she called Sarkodie to let him know she was pregnant with his kid.

Iyanya and Ice Prince were mocked by a fan for getting to be with the actress only after Sarkodie as a result of her disclosure.

He reacted to the news report that stated Yvonne had an abortion in a different post and Iyanya declared that the person was being rude after viewing his tweet.

Meanwhile, the afroabeat singer, Iyanya has expressed his opinions about how Nigerian artists are disregarded and not given credit for their many hours of labour.

Singer Iyanya recently wrote on his social media platform about how individuals who don’t understand how and why these artists end up in difficult circumstances have mocked and insulted the journeys and difficulties of several Nigerian musicians, including himself.

The artist posted a lengthy article on social media in which he expressed his views.

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