February 20, 2024

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Idman Sets Release Date for Debut EP ‘Risk,’ Shares New Song ‘Still’

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Emerging singer Idman has announced that her debut project, Risk, releases July 14 via Artista Records.

“I’m so excited to tell this story in full, contextualized and all,” says Idman. “I’m honored to get to have this body of work be my introduction to folks – it all happened in the exact right way and I’m better for it and it’s truer than I’d imagined. I’m figuring out if all the risks I’ve been taking have been worth it and I don’t feel ashamed about sharing what I’ve found for better or worse.”

Risk will contain seven tracks, including the lead single “Good Life,” released last spring and produced by Khris Riddick-Tynes of The Rascals. It includes the other singles, “Hate,” and the freshly-shared “Still.”

Idman’s latest pop-R&B track sees her retracting the hurtful things she said to her ex-lover during a heated breakup. She hopes her honesty will help them reconcile and create a lasting love story.

The official artwork for Idman’s new single “Still.” (Arista Records)

Idman says, “‘Still’ is the song I think would hook me if I wasn’t me. I think of it as my undignified heartbreak song because with it, I decided to put down my toxic, ‘too cool to care’ facade and opted to sit in the genuine pain of what I was still very much moving through in a real and deep way…no matter who’s looking.”

Idman pairs “Still” with an accompanying video directed by City James. It can be watched below.

Look at What I’m Doing to You,” touted as the first song Idman ever recorded, will no longer appear on Risk. No details were shared on why it will not make the tracklist.

Listen to Idman’s new song “Still below.” 

Risk is available for pre-add/pre-save

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