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WATCH! Nasty C Shares New Album Press-kit Shoot Session – SA Hip Hop Mag

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WATCH! Nasty C Shares New Album Press-kit Shoot Session. Nasty C’s album has been a long time coming, and it appears like the rapper is on the verge of releasing it.

WATCH! Nasty C Shares New Album Press-kit Shoot Session

The Durban-native rapper has along the way dropped some music just to keep his fans afloat as they await the release of the big one. In his quest to show that the time is nigh for the release of the body of work, Nasty C took to Instagram and shared the preparations ahead of the album release.

The rapper shared a video clip of his album press-kit shoot session a positive indication that he is working towards something big. “NEW ALBUM press-kit shoot! 🎥: @spha_psp,” wrote Nasty C. Taking from the shoot, Nasty C expressed his desire to have a photoshoot wearing some of the big clothing brands such as Ambush, Ami and Maison Margiela. Nasty C said the photoshoot is for the album playlist and the billboards for his forthcoming album.

The Zulu Man With Some Powers hitmaker revealed that the album will be ready around July or August. Therefore any momentum from now the rapper might reveal the playlist ahead of his album promo. “The album is coming, hopefully, July, if not July, August, very early August like the first week of August,” he said. “The date is not really a special date or anything like that, it’s just that’s when it will be ready. Im working on it right now, I actually came from the studio, came here, and I’m going back to the studio. It’s almost done, it’s like 90% done,” he added.

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