November 29, 2023

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Yung Miami’s QUITTING Rap … Her Job Is Sleeping w/ Diddy & Getting Pregnant!! (‘I’m In His Will’) – Media Take Out

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Careesha, aka Yung Mimi from the City Girls, told fans in her new track that she plans on quitting rapping. According to Careesha she no longer needs to make a living with her music, because – as she put it “[her] p**sy pays the bills.”

Careesha then gave some more insight on how she plans to make generational wealth, by continuing her non-traditional relationship with billionaire music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, 53.

Careesha and Diddy have been “dating” for a little more than a year now. But their relationship is not exclusive. During that time, Diddy fathered a child with an Asian instagram model, and has been spotted out and about with multiple women.

Careesha doesn’t seem to mind Diddy’s other relationships, as long as he continues to pay her.

As Media Take Out reported, Diddy reportedly gave Yung Miami a platinum credit card with a $200,000 a month limit. And Careesha is free to spend as much of that limit as she desires.

The City Girl rapper is also free to use Diddy’s chauffeured Maybach, his private jet, and his mansions in Miami and Beverly Hills as she pleases.

But Careesha has BIG PLANS for Diddy in the future. And Media Take Out confirmed those plans in her new track.

Careesha rapped, “My n**ga worth a bill … That n***a is shooting babies in me and put me in his will.”

In the lyrics Careesha is suggesting that she plans on getting pregnant by the billionaire mogul. And she claims that Diddy – who is much older than the 26 year old Careesha – has already put her in his will.


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