November 29, 2023

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DJ Fanatic On AKA Throwing A Jacket On Him During A Show – SA Hip Hop Mag

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DJ Fanatic On AKA Throwing A Jacket On Him During A Show. AKA was recognized not only for being competitive and referring to himself as the Supa Mega but also for the perfectionism that accompanied his music.

DJ Fanatic On AKA Throwing A Jacket On Him During A Show

The late rapper’s level of perfectionism was not only applicable during studio time, but he followed the same pattern during his live performances. Speaking during an interview with SA Hip-hop Mag via the Episode Podcast, DJ Fanatic shared an incident when AKA threw a jacket on him after he played the wrong song during an event at Carnival City.

“I remember this one time he threw a jacket at me at Carnival City, I picked the wrong song,” he said. “I got the wrong information from the MD which was Master A Flat at that time. Then he (AKA) is playing a different song, I’m playing a different song, and he is singing a different song.”

“So obviously the first point of reference is me because I’m centre stage, I’m the one that’s playing the music. He threw a jacket at me, not in the East Rand, not in my backyard.” Said DJ Fanatic. The popular DJ went on to say that AKA apologized, and the show continued.

“Master A Flat comes backstage and said mfana, I’m the one who made a mistake, so please get back on stage, I’m like tell Kiernan to come here right now and apologize to me and you (Master A Flat) must tell him you are the one that actually messed up,” he said.

“We sort everything out he gets back on stage, and he (Kiernan) is like guys I’d like to apologize to Fanatic. It’s a miscommunication, let the show get back on the road, plugged back on,” Fanatic added.

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