November 29, 2023

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Musiq Soulchild and Destin Conrad Share New Song ‘To This Day’

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Hip-hop soul legend Musiq Soulchild and emerging singer/songwriter Destin Conrad have linked up for a new song, “To This Day,” for Spotify’s Are & Be playlist to celebrate Black Music Month.

“To This Day” is blatantly nostalgic yet progressive, finding the two crooners detailing their toxic experiences with an interest that is not good for their mental. Soulchild and Conrad have made a vow not to let a particular person bother them again. Still, the two struggle with thoughts of a long-term commitment with their exes.

“I’ve done songs with people where we never got into the studio together. We would each work at our own studios and send verses back and forth. To work in the same studio with a legend like Musiq Soulchild is something I still can’t fully put into words. I’ve been a fan of his since before I can remember and now we have a song together,” says Conrad about getting a proper studio session with Soulchild.

Discussing the track, Soulchild says, “I like the song. It’s very relatable. It’s about being candid and honest about your feelings for the one who got away. It’s admitting we ran out of tries.”

This collaboration comes months after Soulchild released Victims & Villains, a joint album made with producer Hit-Boy. In an interview with Rated R&B, Soulchild shared what he hoped fans would take away from the project.

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“I want them to have an open mind. I don’t want them to feel like it’s supposed to be this or that. You rob yourself of the experience when you do that. There’s enough on this project for a multitude of demographics to appreciate. I’m just trying to introduce the concept that some artists want to do more than what you know them for,” Soulchild told Rated R&B.

He continued, “I don’t mean that to say I’m doing a bunch of crazy sh*t on this project. I’m speaking from an aesthetic standpoint. This may not fit your concept of what traditional R&B may be. I don’t consider it R&B. I accept it if that’s what you want to call it, but I think it’s hip-hop soul. If you frame it in your mind as hip-hop soul while you’re listening, you will enjoy it more.”

Soulchild recently joined Angie Stone for “The Gym,” a song taken from her new album, Love Language.

Destin Conrad Satin EP cover
Above Ground

Earlier this year, Conrad dropped a new song, “Switch.” That was his first solo song release of the year, following his 2022 EP, Satin. The nine-track project included the single “Unpredictable” featuring Kiana Ledé and the must-listen “It’s Yours.”

Conrad was involved in two new projects last week. He contributed to Ledé’s new album Grudges and participated in Harlem DJ and producer Austin Millz’s debut EP Breathwork.

Listen to “To This Day” by Musiq Soulchild and Destin Conrad, exclusively on Spotify, below.

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