September 24, 2023

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Ambré Performs for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series

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Ambré is everywhere. Following the release of her new EP, who’s loving you?, she visited NPR headquarters to perform for its Tiny Desk Concert series in celebration of Black Music Month.

During the 18-minute set, Ambré and her band played three tracks from her 2022 EP, 3000°, which included the No. 1 single “I’m Baby.”

Along the way, Ambré played “Band Practice” from her 2019 project, Pulp, as well as “Ambré Interlude,” a track from the Satin EP released in 2022 by her frequent collaborator, Destin Conrad.

Interestingly, Ambré didn’t include any songs from who’s loving you?,” which was recently released on Roc Nation Records on June 16. This was just one day before the first anniversary of 3000°.

Roc Nation Records

Discussing the new project, Ambré said, “who’s loving you? is a question I’m asking myself and asking the audience. What does it feel like? What does it sound like to be loved? This project felt very free and open in the creative process. I made this with the intention of having fun and being open. I wanted to create something that felt like ‘b-sides’ or ‘deep cuts,’ almost like a mixtape. Still very intentional but it was very easy to make. The project begins where 3000° ends.”

Noted earlier, Ambré secured her first No. 1 single on any Billboard chart earlier this year, as “I’m Baby” featuring Jvck James rose atop the Adult R&B Airplay list. It also topped R&B radio.

Ambré’s success resulted in a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2023 BET Awards. The ceremony will take place Sunday, June 25, at 8 p.m. ET.

Most recently, Ambré appeared on Phabo’s new album, Don’t Get Too Cozy. In an interview with Rated R&B, Phabo shared why he chose Ambré as his collaborator for the track.

“I’m thinking of Monica [and] Usher while I’m making it. Ambré was the perfect player to throw on there ‘cause she speaks the same player language I do on the tracks. So I felt that was the best possible outcome that song could have yielded,” explained Phabo to Rated R&B.

Watch Ambré’s Tiny Desk Concert concert below.

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